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Our Trading Algorithms

We create automated trading systems with machine learning and AI. We can customise variables to ensure the trading system can satisfy trading parameters.

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What is this?

These are ready to go trading systems that plug into the Metatrader 4 platform and trade automatically for you. Each have their own characteristics and it's up to you to select which ones would work best in accordance to your criteria

What do you mean created by Machine Learning and AI? 

We use powerful computers to crunch historical financial data and run through permutations of trading variables to see if there are combinations of trigger points which result in winning trades and therefore a winning system. Using computers, we are able to run millions of simulations to find profitable trading systems.

So how do I use these? 

These are made for the Metatrader 4 platform and are also known as Expert Advisors. They simply plug into the platform and will trade. However, brokers vary and you should do your own testing before committing any funds.

You should know that we have run our backtests with 99.9% data quality using Dukascopy data. 

If you need more information about the basics of Metatrader, a good source to learn is YouTube.

We currently have a few algos that you're free to test and try if you are using the Metatrader 4 platform, click on the link below to get more information

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