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Algo FAQ

Review the FAQ to understand more about how to use our algos to ensure greater success in your trading

Image by Will Porada
  • What are these Algos that I can download from the site?
    Our algos or algorithms are software which plug into your brokerage platform and execute trades for you automatically.. you do not need to know how / when to enter a trade or close, the algo does this for you to return a profit
  • Can I plug this into any broker?
    Our Algos work for any broker that supports the Metatrader 4 platform only. Note, they are not compatible with Metatrader 5
  • How do I install the Algos?
    In the zip file, there is the algo which needs to go into the Experts folder and any indicators need to go into the Indicators folder of your broker software. Then restart the platform and you should see them in the Navigator pain. If you need more help, check out this video I found on YouTube:
  • So install the Algo and that's it?
    The backtest results of our Algos show how the system would have done with historical data.. the expectation is that we should be able to extrapolate the results moving forward. However, backtests are not perfect and it is advised to run backtests on your own brokers and follow through the steps to live as per our workflow. Click here
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