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Name:  Hamster Scalping

Author: Ramil Minniakhmetov



Hamster Scalping by Ramil is a very versatile trading robot. The main indicators that this trading robot uses to enter and exit trades are RSI and ADR. All the settings are customisable and optimisation would be required to get the best results

Besides the indicator settings, the trading robot is able to trading within time ranges and has both fixed lots and money management 

Hamster Scalping is very widely used and there are plenty of set files for the trading robot across different pairs. Each have their own characteristics so it's important to use those that are suitable within your trading parameters. It is advisable to test on a small live account before committing larger amounts.



Hamster Scalping takes very small pips and works best on the 1min and 5 min timeframes so it's important to use only on lowest spread accounts. This has worked best on ECN type accounts.

Typically the take profit is much smaller than the stop so any loss is a relatively large drop. However, win ratio should be above 90% on a well optimised set file

Below show different set files and backtest results which can be used for your trading with this trading robot

  • Bela 100 to 5 Mil (EURUSD 1 min)

​I have been running this system on ZuluTrade since August 2018. It is a very aggressive system scalping EURUSD on the 5 minute timeframe

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