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Celebrating a Week too Early?

It's not always easy to think of a suitable heading for a blog post and for this week, it was the first thing which came to my head which is what became the heading!

As most of you know, my trading portfolio is with the Darwinex platform and everything month, all trading portfolios compete on their Darwinia ranking system. The top performing systems share the monthly €7.5 million allocation of trading capital with the top 10 winning the lion's share.

So far, September has been an awesome month for our trading portfolio, once again, we see ourselves reaching all time highs and we are just shy of the 50% return marker.. our performance is currently at 49.95%!

With 1 more week to go before the Darwinia contest completes, we find our portfolio in position 8 out of 4383 other systems... yes, we are currently in the top 10!

And anything can happen of course in the next week but a top 10 finish for September 2021 would be absolutely amazing. It wouldn't be the first time, we managed to finish in position 4 in December 2020 so would be great if we could top that!

So fingers crossed coming into the end of September!

If you're interested in investing alongside our portfolio, Darwinex allows you to do so and is FCA regulated. Visit

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