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How best to grow a Forex Algorithmic portfolio

The past few months have been tough on the markets and on ourselves as we have been forced to stay home amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it has given me a lot of time to reflect and refine my workflows. A few months back, I introduced our Kowloon Trading robot. It's been running for a couple of months now but it's not really gone anywhere.. it's still early days however and over the longer term, I'm still confident it will be profitable. The chart below shows it's current progress.. it started off horribly, losing all the way to from July to end August, before making it's way back up. It is currently 4% down and hopefully, will make it's way back up to positive territory soon (you can click on the chart to get to the live tracker).

For those who purchased, understandably have been disappointed (and I will ensure you all will get free of charge my next offering), and it got me thinking how I could provide a product for customers that could help weather the storm and give the best chance of growing a portfolio. Trading is the game of losses and with 95% of traders losing money, this is no easy feat but the best way to do this is to construct a portfolio of algorithms trading a range of uncorrelated strategies and pairs. This diversification of risk doesn't guarantee that it's risk free but it will ensure a much higher chance of success. In a nutshell, my next product offering will be:

  • A bundle of trading algorithms each trading a different currency pair and strategy

  • Money recovery feature, next trade will scale up to recover previously lost trade

  • Trading algorithms will move the stop to breakeven whenever possible to minimise loss. They will also trail stop to capture profits.

I am currently running the portfolio to ensure that it matches up with what I'm seeing in the modelling and should it perform as expected, I'll drop you a note and let you know.. For now, stay safe and happy trading!

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