How did our Trading Portfolio perform for September 2021?

In my last post, I mentioned that our portfolio had just eclipsed the 50% return mark for the first time and was currently riding 4th position out of over 4000 other trading portfolios on Darwinex.

Well, September 2021 has completed and how did we do?

Yes, we came 11th and received €132k allocation of funding which was great but would have even better if we were able to keep 4th position or within the top 10. Still, there's no guarantee in trading and markets are moving but if we had an extra day, I'm sure it would have been a higher position as we had two big winners on the 1st October!

Anyway, I thought I'd look back at how we've done in the monthly Darwinia contest over the past 12 months and here are the results


Darwinia contest position

Sept 2020

49th out of 4121

Oct 2020

72nd out of 4129

Nov 2020


Dec 2020

4th out of 3477

Jan 2021

31st out of 3548

Feb 2021


Mar 2021

21st out of 3675

Apr 2021

42nd out of 3924