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How did our Trading Portfolio perform for September 2021?

In my last post, I mentioned that our portfolio had just eclipsed the 50% return mark for the first time and was currently riding 4th position out of over 4000 other trading portfolios on Darwinex.

Well, September 2021 has completed and how did we do?

Yes, we came 11th and received €132k allocation of funding which was great but would have even better if we were able to keep 4th position or within the top 10. Still, there's no guarantee in trading and markets are moving but if we had an extra day, I'm sure it would have been a higher position as we had two big winners on the 1st October!

Anyway, I thought I'd look back at how we've done in the monthly Darwinia contest over the past 12 months and here are the results


Darwinia contest position

Sept 2020

49th out of 4121

Oct 2020

72nd out of 4129

Nov 2020


Dec 2020

4th out of 3477

Jan 2021

31st out of 3548

Feb 2021


Mar 2021

21st out of 3675

Apr 2021

42nd out of 3924

May 2021


Jun 2021

70th out of 4214

Jul 2021

97th out of 4279

Aug 2021

34th out of 4398

Sep 2021

11th out of 4317

So going back to September 2020, we've managed to get a top 100 position 9 months out of 12. A top 100 position out of 3500 other systems means we are in the top 3% of trading portfolios within Darwinex for the majority of the months. The Darwinia contest only lists the top 120 systems every month so where we have a N/A, it means that we didn't make it in the top 120 in the month - can't win every month :). The other thing to note is that after October 2020, about 20% of trading portfolios dropped off for some reason.. no idea why that would be but interesting to note and it's been increasing again ever since.

Market behaviour and conditions are always changing so how have we been able to stay relevant for such a long time? We fully embrace that the markets are always changing, it's just their nature... our response is to use algorithms which are relevant for the current market conditions. And how do we do this? We use AI and Machine Learning technology to scour the markets for patterns and incorporate them into algos... this translates into 300-400 algos which we are running all the time in our Incubation accounts and when we see a trading algorithm that is performing particularly well, we incorporate it into the portfolio. Similarly, if an algorithm has gone out of favour, we scale it out or remove it completely. They all continue to run in the Incubation accounts because market conditions may return when they become favourable again. At any one time, we are running between 3-10 algorithms in the portfolio ensuring that we are not top heavy for any correlating algos to keep risk down.

We believe this is the way that will keep our portfolio relevant for as long as we are trading. We will be adapting and in-synch with whatever the market is doing and this strategy has proven to be working out well.

If you're interesting in learning more about our trading portfolio or allocating some capital to it, we have partnered with Darwinex who offer it under a fully regulated FCA asset, link here:

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Good job, confidence and above all risk control!

Alan Lee
Alan Lee
04 oct. 2021
En réponse à

Thank you sir for your kind words!

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