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Why Algorithmic Trading is the business to get into and how you can learn it faster than ever before

The world of jobs and business was already moving towards online, the Covid-19 pandemic just accelerated what was inevitable. The traditional bricks and mortar businesses suffered the most - restaurants, hotels, hairdresser - a lot had to closed down as they didn't have incomes to pay rents. However, for those owning an online business, many saw best ever revenues as more and more people sought the internet for, well, everything... entertainment, learning, shopping and, of course, work. How about starting an internet business where you don’t need customers, something infinitely scalable and has trillions of dollars exchanging hands daily? What if this business can be learnt much easier than ever before and is recession proof? It doesn’t matter if the financial markets are going up or down, you can still make money. This business allows you to make money without buying or selling goods, without any middlemen.. it’s directly tapping into money markets… welcome to the world of algorithmic trading.

I believe that this the business now to get into and is available to both institutional and retail traders. Traditionally this has always been in the preserve of the institutions but institutions and money are now looking at the retail traders sector to see what they are doing.

Over the past 10 years, technology and innovation for retail traders has vastly improved whilst costs have been driven down. Affordability has allowed retail traders to proliferate and there are those who are floureshing in this space. The big institutions have noticed this trend and the innovative ones are tapping into the retail market to crowdsource investment and trading ideas to seek news ways of generating alpha.

I have been in the retail space for over 15 years and transitioned into algorithmic trading over the past 5 years. Success as an algorithmic trader is much easier to achieve than a traditional trader. An analogy that you may have heard me use is that being an algorithmic trader is like a football manager, you just select the right players to ensure you win... you don't need to spend years perfecting your curve kick, your headers, dribbling skills... you just need to know the skills of your players and know when to play them. As an algorithmic trader your job is knowing which algorithms to select to include in your portfolio, when to scale them out and in and how to manage them. I spent the last couple of years working and perfecting a workflow to allow the process to be copied and learnt faster and easier than ever before.

Trading psychology is usually the biggest barrier to overcome before one can become a successful financial trader, as an algorithmic trader, it's the algorithms doing all the execution of the trades, this completely lightens the psychological load. The only psychology aspect you need to learn is to trust your algorithms and to not meddle with the trades.

I get a lot of people asking me how it's possible for a retail trader with no PHD or any formal financial career experience become a successful algorithmic trader. I have learnt a lot of this through trial and error over many years and with a background in technology, I've been able to leverage that knowledge with my passion in finance to get here. You don't need to do all that as my workflows help shortcut all this learning.

So I'm looking to build a course around how to building a successful algorithmic business with the first course being the core of it all, How to Build and Run a successful Algorithmic Portfolio. By knowing how to build a successful portfolio, you can massively leverage this to a fully fledged business. I am currently looking for some students willing to go through the beta course, this will have all the information to be able to build and run a successful algo portfolio but just won't be as slick as the final presentation. The beta will help me smooth out the rough edges. The beta will cost but at a much reduced price compared with what the final course would be.

If you would like to learn more, please check out the link:

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