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Vectorworks 11 Serial Number Windowsl [Updated-2022]




To add or search in our database, you must follow this instructions: 1. Open an internet browser on your computer and enter the url: 2. Once in the url, click on this link: "VirtualUSA" and you will be redirected to the virtualusa website. 3. Follow the instructions presented for you to open the virtualusa website. This website contains all information about all products of Xymondes. 4. Once in the virtualusa website, click on the "Add a product" button. 5. After that, fill up the fields and click on the "Add product" button. 6. Once done, you can now either come back to the main virtualusa page or click on the "My Products" button to go back to the main menu.1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a circuit board package. More particularly, the present invention relates to a circuit board package having a vent hole formed on a substrate thereof and a manufacturing method thereof. 2. Description of Related Art As the level of integration of an integrated circuit (IC) increases, the number of input/output (I/O) pins of a package supporting the IC increases. Accordingly, a greater number of contacts of the IC package are needed to connect to a circuit board. A conventional circuit board package 10 is shown in FIG. 1. The circuit board package 10 includes a substrate 12 and a plurality of contacts 14. A common solder-ball bearing (SBB) process is used to mount the contacts 14 on the substrate 12, wherein the contacts 14 are formed on two sides of the substrate 12. A width of the substrate 12 is approximately equal to a sum of a width of the contacts 14 and a width of a soldering hole 16 between the contacts 14. The substrate 12 is made of, for example, FR-4 material. The substrate 12 is bent to form a projecting portion 20. The projecting portion 20 includes a substrate-side surface 22 and a solder-ball-bearing surface 24. Each contact 14 includes a contact-side surface 26 and a solder-ball-bearing surface 28, wherein the contact-side surface 26 of each contact 14 contacts the substrate-side surface 22 of the projecting portion 20. The solder-ball-bearing surface 28 is to be coated with a solder ball 16. A gap between each contact 14 is defined by the solder-ball-bearing




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Vectorworks 11 Serial Number Windowsl [Updated-2022]

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