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Run your own Algo Trading business

The future of trading is here and is available to all. If you're looking to make the leap and learn how you can make this into a business, this is the programme for you. You will learn how to evaluate, backtest, run and manage algos. You will also learn about how to expand this business to manage funds. You will be part of the inner circle for life and together share the developments that this business brings us over the years.


Set up your Automated Trading System Portfolio

We will walk you through setting this up with our recommended broker or one of your choosing. 


Identifying Trading Systems

We will show how to access the largest online market for algo trading systems and show you how identify which ones that would suit your requirements. You will be able to look at potential results before committing a single penny


Managing your Portfolio

We will show you how to maintain your trading system portfolio. Checking that they are continuing to work for you and how to troubleshoot common problems.


Lifetime Support

You're part of the inner circle and a part of the community. Together we will develop and share ideas for as long as you wish.

If this is of interested, please contact me either via email, chat or contact form for an initial discussion

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Package Cost
Package Cost

£1250 + VAT

Enquire via Form above

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