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Chatgpt and the Hermit Algo Trader

Sorry about the lack of updates for over a year! For those that know me, they'll know that once I discover something interesting, I'm like a hermit.. I'll hide away and tirelessly work until I can make sense of it... Chatgpt was released in late 2022 (funnily enough couple of months after our previous post on the blog) and I've been entralled since trying to figure out how this new AI could help already what we have in the algorithmic trading world. I've discovered that this new technology can :

  1. Analyze trading data, you can ingest data into it and get it to see if it can discover new relationships which were not possible before without significant resources

  2. Write, review and debug code for trading algorithms

  3. Do the tedious task of documentation

So after all this why am I telling you this? Well, 8 months of number crunching and 6 months of development, led me to creating a new algorithm for Metatrader 5 which trades the Dax and S&P index (and testing on other instruments). Backtest results look like this..

Yes, I'm aware of the limitations of the Metatrader 5 backtester which is why you should always test actual trading.. and these have looked like this:

January 2024 to 5th February Profits

$2549.43 profits

So we've had some really awesome results live trading so far and we've only been able to test it from the beginning of 2024 so these results may not mean much a few months from now but we shall keep monitoring and watching it.... oh, and Happy New Year! :)

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