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October 2021 - Portfolio check in

It's not quite at the end of October 2021 yet but I thought, why not check to see how the portfolio is going...

We've been climbing the ranks again and we're in position 19 out of 4531 other portfolio. With 2 weeks more to go before the Darwinex placement ends, it'll be great to keep climbing but markets can change and this can affect our trades and therefore rank within the Darwinia competition.

For those who don't know anything about the Darwinia allocation that is held with the FCA approved Darwinex broker, Darwinex allocate €7.5 million of funding to the top 120 trading portfolio's every month.. on average there around over 4300 other portfolios competiting and a top ranking position at the end of every month grants you the following:

  1. Funding. Finishing within the top 17 every month will grant you over €100k to your portfolio for a 6 month period. Darwinex will pay you performance related pay every quarter if you make trading profits. This can be quite lucrative, you can see the top systems have made over €200k in performance related bonuses.

  2. Kudos. Recognition of your ability to trade which can attract funding from anyone interested in a FCA regulated asset based around your trading portfolio... ie people can invest in your fund and you can make money from performance related pay, just like a hedge fund manager.

For those who follow this more closely, you'll note that we're trading some new algos in the portfolio.. we have new USDCAD and EURUSD algos running after showing a period of good results in our Incubation platforms. And so far, they returned some good results in live.

The backtest results from 2018 look like this for the USDCAD algo

Whilst the EURUSD algo's backtests look even better and live results have been similar.

These algos are based on historical data and relatively simple, they are not self adapting so at some stage, I expect them to fail as market conditions change and evolve. And with these principles, that's why the constant scaling and out of algorithms is the key to this portfolio's success... we are only using trading algos which are relevant to current market conditions.

It is a lot of effort to constantly look for algos working in current market conditions so at some stage, self adapting algos maybe the way forward but this is another skill repertoire which I need to add to my trading arsenal!

For the time being, if you would like to take a look / invest at our portfolio, you can check it out at

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