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P1 and P2 Portfolio update

It's almost been a month now running with my new algo portfolios P1 and P2 and I thought I'd provide an update. As per my previous post, these are tracking in realtime with Myfxbook if you want to verify the results.

P1 Portfolio

This portfolio started losing off the bat, the first 6 trades were that of the USDJPY and EURUSD algos and had lost almost 200 pips before the portfolio recovered bringing us back to net zero. As I write this, the account is just 0.13% below starting but there is a ongoing trade that is in a loss position currently. It is still early days however, you do need a good few months to really know if the portfolio is going to work longer term. All trading systems have periods of losses.

Looking at the trading log in detail:

You can see the early losses with the EURUSD and USDJPY pair but the GBPJPY algo so far has opened 3 trades and all winning. I'll be keeping a closer eye on this particular algo.

Myfxbook link for P1 --> Click here

P2 Portfolio

This portfolio has surprised me with the results achieved so far... a total of 13 trades and none have lost. There are two scratch trades where the stop has been brought to breakeven to prevent loss. It's a nice looking equity curve chart also and it's made 230 pips. As I mentioned with P1, it is still early days but it's looking great so far.

The trade log:

You can see all winning trades so far.. the caution area would be the stops.. they are larger than that of the algos in P1 overall though I'd expect that trailing stop will help ensure that this is minimised as soon as the market is going in our direction. Obviously, the risk is if the market goes against us as soon as the trade is open.

Myfxbook link for P2 --> Click here

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